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Creating unique branding, communications and print, websites and interactive experiences.

  • Brand & Strategy
  • Visual Design & Creativity
  • Marketing, CRM, email & social
  • CMS & eCommerce
  • Web & Interface Development
  • Print & Supply
  • Identitying who you are, what you do, and who your customers are. Solutions to reach your goals, and designs to create a good impression with your customers. Defining what goes into a brand’s unique style and voice.
  • How your interactive product or website is built. HTML, CSS, javaScript, php, and all the other nuts and blots that stick a website / web app together.
  • Content managment systems (e.g. wordpress) help you easliy update your site anytime you need. eCommerce solutions help you sell online.
  • Graphic design, image manipulation, illustration, photography. Visual design elements and principles fundamentally contruct good design.
  • Get found by potential customers, communicate with existing custombers, and gain traffic or attention through social media sites. Create campaigns that capture imagination.
  • Printed material such as business cards, brochures, leaflets, exhibition stands, and promotional material; all helps you market your brand.
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Design and development process

Whatever your budget, or scale of your project BrightDay can help you with the whole process; be it graphics, print, or web development.

  • Design

    Start a project by identifying the problem and solutions, planning and defining. This stage often includes a brief, specification, strategy, concepts, wireframes, research, and analysis.

  • Develop

    Creating and preparing all assets of a project. This includes any CSS, HTML, JavaScript, php, and integration with any third party services. It's also important to test and debug any issues.

  • Launch

    Release your brand into the world. Publish or distribute. Create marketing material, set up CRM, emails, social media, PR, and advertising. Track your goals.

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brighter business

Developing quality solutions for improved brand experience, performance and prosperity by design.

  • Start-ups

    Some of the most successfull brands today started with good design. Creative thinking in early stages will set you in good stead.

  • Companies

    Refining and improving brand performance by design helps ensure designs meet business goals; a worthy investment. Ready for the next frontier?

  • Enterprise

    It's handy to have an extra pair of hands, or a fresh set of eyes when you need them. Multidisciplinary designers have a wider skillset.

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A few examples of works live on Behance.
If you'd like to know if I've created anything more relevant to you, just let me know.

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About BrightDay

Hi, I'm Leanne, and I'm all about creating stuff.

Qualified and experienced hybrid digital designer / developer. Multidisciplinary and creating everything from branding, communications and print, to websites, apps, and interactive experiences. A 2017 Finalist for Code in the Dark Brighton.

My experiences consist of taking a project from initial concept through to front-end development or final product.

Particularly interested in creating authentic human experiences and facilitating positive change, not just in design, but in life.

#Creative #DigitalArt #Design #Adobe #Web #Code #Nikon #Photography #Music #Peace #Adventure #Sustainability #Wellbeing

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I'm located in Sussex, South East UK, and occasionally work further afield.